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Welcome to the Small Species Alliance!


This is a MAJOR work in progress, so please bear with us.

This group is for those original species who have 300 members or less.
The group is for the LEADERS of those species to share with each other- not its members. PLEASE understand this!

Who can join?
ADMINISTRATORS, MODERATORS, and OWNERS of original species who have less than 300 people in them at the time they join.

WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR JOINING REQUEST - please provide links to any groups you moderate/own/admin that meet the criteria so we may confirm your membership or shoot us an affiliation with said group.

Q. Can I stay in the group once I grow past 300?
A. YES, so long as you were in beforehand. We'll even make a little 'graduation' folder for those who succeed!

It's intended to create a space for us to CONVERSE, CRITIQUE, and SHARE our species.
Here we can plan collaborations, contests, and give each other mutual support.


1. Do not under any circumstances make fun of another person's species.
2. Critique should only be given when asked.
3. Do NOT copy species or group aspects belonging to others. Lots of us use similar concepts and inspiration is fine, however, If you take inspiration from someone else change it up.
4. Theft, in general, is not allowed. Please do not steal. You know better.
5. Respect, Honesty, and Fun!

That is all, thank you.


How to Host a Contest
I love contests. As much as I like entering contests, I love hosting contests even more. Here's a guide to help you host your own contest. =]
Pick a theme for your contest. Your theme can be as vague as a general photography contest, or something specific such as a monochrome contest. Be creative and use your imagination as themes of a contest can be anything.
Although I'm a photographer, I personally like holding contests that allow all mediums (traditional art, digital art, literature, ect.) to enter because I find it more fun when a larger audience is allowed to participate.
What's a contest without prizes? While you don't need extravagant prizes to host a good contest, I think it's fair to say that the more prizes the merrier.
It's a good idea to get a few prizes before actually announcing the contest. I'm sure to a bunch of members on this site, the prizes are the most alluring part of a contest and announcing a contest without any pr
:icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 281 107
Advice to ARPG group owners (ramble)
Edit: I'd like to reply to everyone on this journal but I can't really find the words, thank you for those well-written comments and praise of the Tokotas group ;__; It's those comments that really make everything worth it and I love you all :heart:
(Or those looking to start a successful one.)
I recognize that perhaps to some the fact that I am writing this journal may seem arrogant or pompous, but I don't intend this as a method of trying to make myself out as the grand authority on running/managing groups; I am by no means the perfect ARPG owner, and I only mean to offer my experience in the hopes of helping people avoid mistakes that I've made in the past. 
I'll preface by saying that I never expected my ARPG group (Tokotas) to become as popular as it has. As an eighteen year old (then sixteen at the time of founding Tokotas,) I wasn't prepared for this by any means, nor did I have any particular experience with administering dA groups in general. 
Over time
:iconnoebelle:noebelle 143 58
Basics of running an ARPG
EDIT: Updating again because I added to it. Also because it's been awhile.
I decided to write this to avoid doing my homework :) and also a few serious issues have popped up in the last couple of weeks regarding the management of a few groups that I’m aware of, and I know that a lot of people in my community would like to or are in development of an ARPG with no prior experience.
I want to start by saying that you have to start somewhere, and there’s no shame in that! I wanted to write this so people know what to do and what to look out for when they start developing their own game on deviantart.
I may go back and edit this later or maybe even delete it if it proves to not be helpful, but I wanted to get my thoughts out as quickly as I could.
DO NOT start an ARPG if...
- You’re easily burnt out
- You cannot make the time for it in the future
- You’re looking to be the admin of one casually
- You’re looking to emulate others for
:iconedelilah:edelilah 106 8
So you wanna make an adoptable species
Disclaimer: Everything written here is opinion. I get a lot of people asking for advice, for critique, and I just want a post I can easily link to.
There is no "right way" to make a species. There are TONS of variables that might affect your success (in sales). Nothing here should be taken literally. It's only my opinion & personal methods!
Not in it for Money

I DO NOT recommend people make an OS for the specific reason that they want to make money.
It's fine to want a little bit of spending money or something in the mindset of a little side-project. But if you go into this market with the expectation of making a living & supporting yourself off of this?
You're very likely to be disappointed, cause yourself unnecessary stress, and possibly make yourself feel like a failure, when you absolutely are not.
A decent part of
:iconbananamantis:bananamantis 1,118 142


We affiliate with species groups with 300 or less members!


What's this? Graduation, you say?

We have been notified by the lovely miolet that :iconsharkie-pond: has reached 300+ members! 

We are really super excited to hear this! Congratulations to Sila--Chan for the development of their species. 

What is a Sharkie, you say?

Imagine a really cute, short legged pet that acts a bit like a puppy. Then make it aquatic, give it a fish tail and shark-like face.
Then you have a Sharkie! 

[closed] Halloween Event - R a f f l e by Sila--Chan
[These are being raffled in their group right now. Check it out!]

They come in tons of colors and shapes and can live with mermaids or humans. Be careful, though! Sharkies can't be out of water for more than four hours.

If you want to read about Sharkies or even get one yourself, go check out their group!


Sila--Chan , you don't need to leave our group, just to let you know. We'll most likely move any references and species info you've submitted to the 'graduated species' folder! 
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